On March 26, 2017, Dianna Hobbs, one of the Top 100 bloggers for women of faith, was carried into the sanctuary by her husband, Kenya,
crying, as the saints of God gathered for a prayer service. Doctors had given up on Dianna after Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, two
incurable autoimmune diseases, had ravaged her body. The damage to Dianna's joints, bones, bowels, vocal cords and other major organs, was
said to be irreversible. She had lost her ability to walk unassisted, could barely talk, eat, or function. By the time her prayer service arrived,
Dianna's deterioration had accelerated and her condition had worsened. It seemed no one could help her.
Intercessors adorned in white, who had united in prayer and fasting, banded together once more that evening, and bombarded heaven on
Dianna's behalf. When they laid hands on the ailing wife and mom, she said it felt as if electricity and fire shot through her body. Before she knew
it, she was standing up. At first, her legs felt wobbly. But then, supernatural strength entered her body and Dianna did something she had not
been able to do in months: leap, run and praise God in the dance.
Dianna wept as she sprinted through the sanctuary, while those in attendance praised and stood in awe of what had occurred. In God Did It, she
walks you through the slow, painful two-year season of illness, and expresses in candid detail exactly what she was thinking, feeling and
experiencing before, during, and after the historic miracle. Dianna's testimony has
inspired people of faith worldwide. Now it is finally available in
book form.
Here is the video of Dianna addressing the congregation for the first time that night after the miracle happened.
For the full gripping account, purchase your copy of God Did It on through Amazon.com.