Imagine incurable diseases eating away at your body, leaving you bedridden and close to death. Doctors don’t know how to stop them. You have
been hospitalized, operated on, medicated, and finally, given the bad news: there is nothing more that can be done. What do you do? Tearfully
plead for more medical intervention? Say goodbye to loved ones? Give up hope? If you are Dianna Hobbs, you believe God for a miracle. And
you get it.

This is the gripping true story of one of America’s Top 100 bloggers for women of faith, whose life was derailed by Rheumatoid Arthritis and
Fibromyalgia—two autoimmune diseases for which there is no known cure. But the power of faith and intercessory prayer led to Dianna’s
instantaneous supernatural healing at a public prayer service, before hundreds of witnesses.

If somewhere along the way you stopped believing in miracles, this book will change your mind. Each can’t-stop-reading chapter contains raw
and unfiltered details of Dianna’s harrowing journey, plus answers to your most pressing questions like: why must I suffer? Why hasn’t God
delivered me yet? And how can I believe, and see miracles in my own life?

In her honest, warm, personal writing style, Dianna Hobbs, who is widely known for her empowering “Daily Cup of Inspiration” blog, podcast,
speaking, and training, will help you tap into the power of prayer and intercession, and get results in your life.

If you have been feeling discouraged by a struggle, obstacle or a seemingly impossible-to-solve issue, this book is a God-send. Let Dianna, who
has inspired faith in millions worldwide, build you up, equip you to fight back with the weapon of prayer, and reignite that miracle-producing faith
you may have lost.

See how God did it for her and how He’s waiting to do it—whatever your “it” is—for you, too.